Seliox, by Juan Arroyo

Seliox (2018)
Five interludes for saxophone and cello
Musicians: Duo Denisov (Carl-Emmanuel Fisbach & Jeanne Maisonhaute)
Commissioned by Radio France for "Création Mondiale", produced by Anne Montaron

CD Bestiaire

The program of the CD Bestiaire enables you to discover the combination of sounds between the saxophone and the cello through works by Edison DENISOV (Sonata), Mathieu BONILLA (Zinc sous pas glissés, world premiere recording), Annette MENGEL (Identification I), Pedro García VELÁSQUEZ (Remos, world premiere recording), Naoki SAKATA (Between III, world premiere recording) and Alphonse STALLAERT (Bestiaire, world premiere recording). It gives "to each of the two protagonists a 'concertante' part of equal expressive and technical importance, allowing each of them to highlight their own individual personality as well as their association" (preface of Bestiaire, Alphonse Stallaert, by the dedicatee, Georges Gourdet, Gérard Billaudot Editions). Listen